New Materials Added

April/May All reviews from the NYT bestseller lists.

by Lucy Foley

Jess has suspicions about her half-brother’s neighbors when he goes missing.

by Harlan Coben

The second book in the Wilde series. Questions surface when Wilde connects with family members who have been out of his life.

The Candy House
by Jennifer Egan

In a follow-up to “A Visit From the Goon Squad,” a new technology gives the potential to save and share every memory one has ever had.

Perpetual West
by Mesha Maren

“Stunning . . . A forceful addition to the literature of the U.S.-Mexican border and its ongoing history of tragedy and joy. This is the terrain of Cormac McCarthy, Pat Mora, Roberto Bolaño, Cristina Rivera Garza and the Mexican poet Jorge Humberto Chávez. Maren’s original descriptions of Ciudad Juárez and El Paso richly add to this literary heritage.”
Jennifer Clement, The New York Times Book Review 

Sea of Tranquility
by Emily St. John Mandel

A detective investigating in the wilderness discovers that his actions might affect the timeline of the universe.

French Bread
by Anne Tyler

The ups and downs of a Baltimore family from the 1950s to the pandemic present.